Werkgroep SLBS Sanyang - Gambia vzw

We willen elk kind kansen geven tot onderwijs. Help jij mee?

Juni 2021: Mede dankzij sponsoring van AquaNova, Maasmechelen-Limburg start de werkgroep haar waterproject


Het waterproject  met een tank van 2000 liter werkt met zonnepanelen en  levert zuiver water op  de keluterschool,  de bibliotheel  en  het voetbalveld  in Sanyang.

The project includes a solar water supply for the NorseSchool – Sportfeld and Library !With the support of the werkgroep sanyang  : www.slbs-sanyang.com !The water tower with a container at 2000 liters and solar panels was set up in the nursery school, behind the last class building! Distribution from here in the school one tap to Libery one tapand the sports field one tap!

Here the hole is to be set 24 meters deep for the later pump !

This is where the first water comes out of the ground, still dirty!

But after about 20 minutes the water is clear to drink! Thank U so much Boy’s  !

After the drilling has been completed, the water tank is set

Here is the tower with the water tank and solar panels !

3 connections are being prepared for the school , library and sports field !

still in progress  ……….


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